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Ethically Targeting Striped Bass...by Nick Ciaris

Nov 07, 2022 Braden Niper

September Stripers...By Nick Criaris

Sep 01, 2022 Braden Niper

As summer dwindles and everyone is waiting for the “run” to begin in October/November, there is great action to be had in September. It may not be frothing stripers at your feet in the suds with peanut bunker beaching themselves, but the bass await…. The bites that take place are just a bit more subtle than when the “fall run” is in full swing.

Fishing Rattle Traps for Large Mouth Bass... By Dennis Roe

May 02, 2022 Fishermen's Source

Throwing rattle traps is a great technique for covering water and convincing lethargic fish to bite. The flash, vibration, and sound of a rattle trap will attract active fish or will bother non-active fish that will strike to stun or kill to remove it from their surroundings. Here are several retrieves to try depending on the situation you would be fishing.

Late Winter/Early Spring Shore Bass Fishing... By Dennis Roe

Feb 28, 2022 Fishermen's Source

Mid-February to mid-March  A time of year where it’s mostly cold but a few warm days here and there. For small lakes and ponds, it doesn’t take long for the water to jump up a couple of degrees triggering some fish’s metabolisms and to head up shallow. As soon as the ice melts or a few 40°-50° days can bring a successful day on the water.Preferably small bodies of water would be more active during these times. Shallow flats close to the deeper water where the fish congregate during the harsh winter months will move up to where there's an increase in temperature.

Plugging the Fall Run Jersey Style… by Braden Niper (Photo Credit Rob Harper)

Nov 07, 2017 Fishermen's Source

It was one of my first days off in a while, and I hadn’t been out scouting the beach in weeks, and yet as I walked up the surf’s edge in the gray light of that early October morning 10 or so years ago I could hear fish feeding and bait boiling.

Freshwater Trolling

Sep 21, 2017 Fishermen's Source

I can remember the day like it was yesterday; I was sixteen years old my first fishing trip to Canada with “the guys.” I had spent the previous 10 years watching my dad leave for a week each spring and them come home with tales and pictures of massive pike and walleyes beyond count. We had spent thirty-two hours driving and then an hour plus in a float plane, but we were finally there, a single cabin on a twenty-six-mile-long lake on the Ontario / Manitoba border. As we unloaded from the plane on that sunny 65-degree afternoon, the group that had been in camp the previous week was singing sweet music to our ears, the pike were up shallow and feeding with vengeance, and every point seemed to be piled high with walleyes eager to eat any jig you put in front of them.

Head Boat Tuna Fishing, North East Style By Braden Niper

Aug 11, 2017 Fishermen's Source

My first tuna experience happened 20 years ago this October, I was fishing with my father on the 100′ party boat Doris Mae out of Barnegat Light, New Jersey. I was 14 years old and I had absolutely no idea what kind of experience I was in for.The trip was 22 hours long with most of the fishing occurring between 12:00 am and 1:00 pm. The ride to the fishing grounds was 5 to 6 hours and ideally you slept on the way out so you would have the energy to fight large aggressive fish for 13 hours straight.Unfortunately, my 14-year-old mind was so excited I did not sleep well the night before and I didn’t sleep a wink on the ride out to the grounds, which is why at 4:00 am I was half asleep at the rail casually holding my rented 6/0 Penn Senator combo.All that changed when a 100-lb class yellowfin swam by, inhaled my butterfish,

Caring For Your Catch By Braden Niper

Jul 20, 2017 Fishermen's Source

One of the many great joys in life that anglers can choose to enjoy that most other members of our society never get to experience is the ability to sit down to a meal of truly fresh fish. The majority of “fresh” fish that is sold in fish markets or grocery stores is at least 2 or 3 days old, with much of it having been on ice considerably longer. The best meal I ever ate was a trio of Mahi tacos grilled up 98 miles offshore with fish that had been swimming less than an hour before. I believe it to be an anglers duty to make the most of any fish they decide to harvest. It still shocks and saddens me to routinely see anglers neglect and waste much of the fish they keep.

Sebile Stick Shadd By Rob Radlof

Jun 21, 2017 Fishermen's Source

The Sebile stick shadd has been a sleeper plug in many tackle bags for years. When you talk to guys about this lure some are skeptical about its action; however, the guys who fish it with confidence know the true potential of this bait. From the inception of the stick shadd several years ago, I was one of those anglers weary of its abilities. I would make a few casts with it before swiftly place it back into my bag to grab a lure that had history of being successful.

Jigging for Blackfish (Tautog) By Braden Niper

Jun 06, 2017 Fishermen's Source

What is it: &nbspJigging for blackfish is not really a new technique, but it has been gaining widespread popularity over the last few years. Different from traditional jigging, you are simply letting the baited jig sit motionless on the bottom until a fish comes along and bite. Most of the time you are imparting no action on the jig what so ever. The advantage of using a jig instead of a standard hi-lo or bottom rig is twofold. First off you have far less hardware in the water to snag or alert a wary blackfish that something is amiss which leads to a more natural presentation and more bites. Secondly, using light jigs on light tackle is a blast!

FS Fishing Pros in Costa Rica By Rob Radlof

May 15, 2017 Frances Leone

When packing for a destination fishing trip there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration such as weight and rod lengths for flights.With a 50lb maximum on luggage it is a difficult decision on what to leave behind, however, there is one lure that will always make the cut. Yozuri has a lineup of plugs that fit the bill to target almost any fish that swims; whether it’s striped bass and bluefish in the north east or mackerel, roosters and cubera snappers in Central America.

VMC Inline Single Hooks

May 15, 2017 Frances Leone

The VMC ILS inline single hook was designed for one reason, to replace treble hooks on large fresh and saltwater lures.ILS hooks are made of super strong forged carbon steel,chemically sharpened so that they come out of the package razor sharp, and have several layers of a proprietary coating allowing them to hold up in a harsh salt water environment without corroding.  

Spro Power Swivel

May 15, 2017 Frances Leone

Spro Power Swivels prove that good things really do come in small packages.Whether you are looking to reduce line twist or provide a strong connection between your main line and leader or both, the power swivel is the right tool for the job.Power Swivels are constructed of stainless steel in Japan and have a black nickel finish to reduce shine in the water. If you are an angler that likes to minimize the appearance of terminal tackle on your rig the Spro Power Swivel deserves a serious look!  

Owner STX 58 Stinger Treble with ZO WIRE

May 15, 2017 Frances Leone

The new Owner STX Stinger Treble is one of the strongest and sharpest treble hooks on the market today. Constructed of new ZO wire, the STX treble is 20% stronger yet thinner than traditional Owner 3X treble hooks.This gives the STX an advantage over other treble hooks since its small diameter allows for better hook penetration. Another key feature is the extremely sharp, slightly angled in, almost unbendable needle point resulting in clean hook sets bite after bite.  

Pencil Popper Madness By Braden Niper

May 10, 2017 Frances Leone

The strike comes out of nowhere; one second there is nothing but the wake of your splashing popper on the mirrored surface, the next is pure bedlam as a striper of extra-large proportions comes boiling up behind the plug with an explosion of water that looks as though someone just dropped a bowling ball behind your plug…again and again the fish slashes and misses, but you just keep right on pumping the rod like a madman praying the fish doesn’t lose interest, and then finally, on the fifth strike you feel the weight as the bass finally got the lure firmly in her mouth, and you finally lean back into the hookset and feel the drag start peeling off your reel.If a technique exists to catch trophy fish that is more adrenaline inducing then walking a pencil popper, I have yet to hear about it.  

Finding the Right Combination for a Balanced Rod and Reel

Apr 04, 2017 Frances Leone

Balanced Rod and Reel Anyone who has wandered into a tackle shop knows that there are so many choices available in the marketplace of fishing equipment. From rods and reels to lures,lines&nbspand&nbspleaders,it can leave you in a state of paralysis trying to figure out what you need to get. Investing in a piece of fishing equipment can be just as personal of a decision as what music to listen to or what clothes to wear. But, it’s not quite that easy. In order to choose what is appropriate for your fishing needs, you need to do your research first. And it all starts with finding a balanced rod and reel.  

Prep Your Fishing Supplies for Spring Season

Apr 04, 2017 Frances Leone

Fishing Supplies for Spring Warm weather is right around the corner, which means it’s time to prepare your fishing supplies for spring season! As every angler anxiously awaits the chance to hit the water on opening day, there are a few chores that need to be done first. From cleaning and repairing damaged equipment to organizing fishing tackle and replacing missing parts, prepping ahead of time will set you up for success and prevent downtime later in the season.  

Customer of the Month Features John Maysak

Mar 28, 2017 Frances Leone

Fishermen’s Source customer and lifelong angler John Maysak was first introduced to fishing by his father at the young age of 5 chasing blue gills on the Potomac River in Washington, DC back in the mid 60’s. As a teen he moved on to Largemouth and Smallmouth bass sneaking into local country clubs to poach their ponds as well as traveling further upstream to fish the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers around Harper’s Ferry, WV.  

Simple Lures to Help You Catch More Crappie

Mar 21, 2017 Frances Leone

3 Lures to Help You Catch Crappie Catch Crappie As one of the most popular game fish among anglers, crappie are versatile feeders, which makes choosing the right lures to catch crappie fairly simple. Although they typically feed on most types of aquatic insects, worms, minnows and small crayfish, lures can also be highly effective. Let’s dive into the varieties of crappie, the top time of year to find them and then take a look at a few of the hottest lures that best mimic a bait fish and help you catch more crappie.  

Under Pressure: Why Weather Affects Fish Behavior

Mar 21, 2017 Frances Leone

Weather Affects Fish Perhaps you can remember a time when fish stopped biting because of a drastic change in temperature, but trying to understand why is another story. Once you have a better understanding of how weather affects fish behavior, you’ll be able to work around them and become a better angler. Here we will dive into a few weather variables such as high pressure, low pressure, wind, and temperature, to find out how they can influence fish behavior. Let’s start with a little lesson in meteorology.  

Want to Prevent a Line Break? Set the Drag on Your Fishing Reel

Mar 15, 2017 Frances Leone

Want to Prevent a Line Break? Set the Drag on Your Fishing Reel set the drag Want to know the secret to keeping your line from breaking on your next fishing trip? Set the drag on your fishing reel before you cast and you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration on the water. As one of the most overlooked factors for anglers to consider, drag tension on your reel can make or break your day.  

The Most Versatile Fishing Rod and Reel Setup

Mar 15, 2017 Frances Leone

The Most Versatile Fishing Rod and Reel Setup Versatile Fishing Rod Searching for a versatile fishing rod and reel set up can get overwhelming when you have so many options to choose from. But, because the average angler does not need ten different setups and we believe that shopping for your fishing equipment should be just as fun and exciting as the fishing trip, itself, we are here to help you with the search process!  

Survive Your First Fishing Trip: Snag the Best Bass Fishing Equipment Before You Go

Mar 07, 2017 Frances Leone

Bass Fishing equipment While you don’t need to have a fancy boat to be a successful bass angler, you do need the proper equipment. It can be the difference betweencatching a fish and just casting. But, with so many options out there, it can be hard to decide what to buy when you’re new. The experts at Fishermen’s Source have put together the following overview on bass fishing equipment to help you make the right choice for your first fishing trip.

Inshore vs Offshore Fishing: What’s the Difference?

Mar 07, 2017 Frances Leone

Offshore Fishing Regardless of whether you prefer to stay on (or close to) land or head way out on the wild seas, both inshore and offshore fishing can make for a great day on the water. If you’re new to the sport of fishing, you might be wonder what the difference is between inshore vs offshore fishing. It’s actually a very common debate.

Terminal Tackle: Single Hooks Vs. Treble Hooks

Feb 11, 2017 Frances Leone

Single Hooks Most anglers know it takes more than a lucky lure to land a trophy catch. Terminal tackle ,including single hooks, sinkers, snaps and swivel as well as floats are all an important part of your gear. And it’s not uncommon for anglers to specialize their fishing gear to catch more fish. Replacing lighter hooks with heavier ones, for example, can be the difference between tackling a stronger fish or letting it swim away.  

Terminal Tackle: The Fishing Swivel

Feb 11, 2017 Frances Leone

Fishing Swivel The fishing swivel is perhaps one of the most misunderstood saltwater fishing tactics. Designed to prevent your line from twisting in the water, the swivel is a must for many styles of fishing. As an example, catfish are notorious for twisting, which makes fishing swivels on trotlines a smart choice to allow the line to turn freely. Since line twists can weaken the line and can cause knots during casting, a swivel can allow the line to untwist during retrieval and prevent undesirable tangling.

Hot Action in the Cold Waters: 6 Effective Winter Fishing Tips

Jan 16, 2017 Frances Leone

Winter Fishing Wintertime is here. Some regions throughout the US have warm weather for fishing all year, but most anglers know what winter fishing brings: a fight against the snow, wind and freezing rain. The water is cold and fish are lethargic making them tough to catch. But just because the weather is cold, that doesn’t mean your fishing season is over, it just means it’s time to slow down and prepare. Here are six winter fishing tips to help you score big no matter how cold it gets.

Top 10 Bass Lures and Lakes

Dec 28, 2016 Frances Leone

Bass Lures When determining which bass lures are going to work best, it’s important to look at a waterway in three different depths. Whether you’re fishing a lake, pond or river, the lure you use will differ based on how deep you’re fishing. Surface: When you’re fishing three feet deep or less, use topwater lures or floating divers rated for 3′ to surface. During the warmer months and lower light conditions (early and late in the day or cloudy days), most bass will spend their time near the surface. During these conditions, anglers should select surface baits to attract bass that are actively feeding.

Saltwater Lures

Dec 21, 2016 Frances Leone

Fish the Winners: 5 Saltwater Lures That Will Fool Just About Any Fish (Even in Fresh Water) Saltwater lures We know you have your favorite lures, but some saltwater lures have been known to catch fish pretty much anywhere in the world, including in fresh water. Who knows, you probably have some of these in your tackle box already. If not, swap out the old and add these five super baits to the mix and you’re guaranteed to fool fish in any water.

Traveling with Fishing Gear

Dec 21, 2016 Frances Leone

Traveling with Fishing Gear? Important Reminders for Traveling Fishermen Traveling with Fishing Gear When planning a fishing trip, you really only have two options. Either book a fishing charter that provides used equipment for you or bring your own trusted gear that you can rely on. If this is your first time traveling with fishing gear, packing can be a bit tricky. If you’re already a seasoned traveling angler, you never know, you could always learn a new trick to make things easier on your next vacation.

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