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Fishing Rattle Traps for Large Mouth Bass... By Dennis Roe


Throwing rattle traps is a great technique for covering water and convincing lethargic fish to bite. The flash, vibration, and sound of a rattle trap will attract active fish or will bother non-active fish that will strike to stun or kill to remove it from their surroundings. Here are several retrieves to try depending on the situation you would be fishing.

The yo-yo retrieve works best in deeper water with rocky/gravel bottom. Letting the trap sink to the bottom, then lifting the rod up and down letting the lure contact the bottom and several feet above the bottom.

Slow retrieve, keeping the trap close to the bottom to bump off rocks and structure with the occasional yo-yo. This is great for cooler temps with semi-active fish.

Med-fast retrieve, good for covering water and skimming the tops of vegetation–- if the body of water has it. If the lure imbeds into weed beds giving the rod a twitch or, simply rip the bait through the weeds, can entice a strike more than, say, a moderate retrieve would do.

Fast retrieve works for active fish or shallower water.

Remember - It’s always important to try variations of retrieves before moving spots or changing colors of the lure. Lethargic fish may not hit on the first cast, maybe, just maybe, the 2nd, 3rd or 4th cast will do it. This technique involves fishing the spot thoroughly.

In early spring, brighter colors work best such as red craw, chartreuse, orange, and fire tiger. 

Summertime matching the hatch will be more productive. Mocking bream, craw, and shad.

Gear- I prefer a glass rod for these applications, 7’2’’, ½-1 ⅜ oz rated Mojo Glass Casting rod is a very versatile rod. It is perfect for chatter baits, spinner baits, crank baits, and the rattle traps. Pair this pole with a high-gear-ratio reel spooled up with 14-17 lb fluorocarbon and you have yourself a great bass combo..


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