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Want to Prevent a Line Break? Set the Drag on Your Fishing Reel


Want to Prevent a Line Break? Set the Drag on Your Fishing Reel

set the drag

Want to know the secret to keeping your line from breaking on your next fishing trip? Set the drag on your fishing reel before you cast and you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration on the water. As one of the most overlooked factors for anglers to consider, drag tension on your reel can make or break your day.


Set the Drag Properly

A pair of friction plates inside your fishing reel controls the drag to prevent your line from breaking. The friction is overcome anytime the fish pull on the line hard enough, which makes the reel rotate backwards and let line out.

Set the drag wrong and that fish of a lifetime might break away with your favorite lure. Set it right and you’ll be able to handle any fighting fish swimming at max speed long enough to reel him in.

Although it may seem low at first glance, in general a reel’s drag setting should be at 20% to 30% of your line’s rated breaking strength. A small spring scale can help you judge the force accurately. Of course, choosing the right drag tension will depend on the type of fish you’re looking for, where you’re fishing, the kind of tackle you’re using and the angler’s skill.

Feel the Tension After You Set the Drag

After you set the drag at the proper tension, take the time to pull on the line with your hand several times to feel the tension and engrain it into your memory. Get to know what feels right so you can accurately reset it with your hand going forward to make sure it stays within the 20-30% range.

When in doubt, it’s better to have the drag a little too loose and be stuck fighting a fish longer than you’d like, than to have it set too tight and be stuck with a line break and a sad story about the ‘one who got away.’

Shop Drag Reels at Fishermen’s Source

At Fishermen’s Source, we feature top-of-the-line drag reels to maximize your fish-fighting power.

  • The Maxel Hybrid 20 or 25 Star Dragfeatures a compact single-piece aluminum frame and a cold forged aluminum spool that delivers smooth Star Drag performance, even when it’s wet. It’s stainless steel gears, seven shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a clutch bearing instant anti-reverse won’t fail under pressure.
  • The Avet Lever Drag Reelis available in a variety of sizes, some with added cast control features. The level drag allows for a more precise control of the drag setting during use compared to setting a star drag based on feel alone. The AVETs offer the pinnacle of small lever drag reels available on the market with a model available for every functionality.

You never know when the fish of a lifetime will bite, so, be sure to set the drag before your first cast to minimize a line break and risk losing that trophy fish.

Contact the Fishermen’s Source experts at 800-388-4149 today to find out more about finding the proper drag tension for your fishing reel.

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