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Survive Your First Fishing Trip: Snag the Best Bass Fishing Equipment Before You Go


Bass Fishing equipment

While you don’t need to have a fancy boat to be a successful bass angler, you do need the proper equipment. It can be the difference betweencatching a fish and just casting. But, with so many options out there, it can be hard to decide what to buy when you’re new. The experts at Fishermen’s Source have put together the following overview on bass fishing equipment to help you make the right choice for your first fishing trip.

Bass Fishing Equipment: Rods

Sensitivity is an important factor when choosing a rod. Most Bass fishing rods have a high modulus which make them stiff for strong hook sets, offering good sensitivity. You’ll find them in either fiberglass or graphite; with graphite being typically the more sensitive of the two.

Bass Fishing Equipment: Reels

When choosing your reel, consider the gear ratio. High-speed reels (7:1) allow anglers faster retrieves for rapid-fire casting; slower-speed reels (5:1) are good for situations when you want a slow retrieve, such as crankbait fishing.

Most bait-casting reels come with a thumb bar that switches the reel to free spool which allows for longer casts. And to prevent overruns, top-quality reels have a magnetic anti-backlash device (as opposed to those that operate by friction) to put pressure on the spool.

One reel recommended for nearly all applications is the narrow-spool bait-casting reel because it’s less likely to backlash due to the smaller spool.

Bass Fishing Equipment: Lines

Most bass fishermen use a variety of lines such as nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon, braided lines, etc.Light lines cast better which allows for more lure action; abrasion-resistant lines (fluorocarbon) are a good choice when fishing around rocks, weeds or brush;soft lines (monofilament) are a good choice when fishing on spinning reels in unobstructed waters; and braided lines may be your best bet in situations when water clarity is poor.

Bass Fishing Equipment: Lures

Many pros, when asked to choose their favorite lures,will choose a soft plastic. Why?Plastics have been proven to be effective because of their life-like appearance and action in the water. They’re also good to use for jigging or for floating over shallow cover. When starting out, pick up the necessities such as a few crankbaits, a few spinnerbaits and some plastic worms.

You’ll find plastic lures that range from 3 to 10 inches in length; smaller plastics can be used in clear water or when the bass are biting light (for example, after a cold front), giant plastics (10-inch) may be the choice for anglers trying to catch that trophy bass through heavy cover.

Then comes the color choices for your lure. Green and black plastics have been known to catch bass in almost any king of water. If you’re fishing in murky waters, choose bright colors, such as red or fluorescent, to gain some extra attention.

Bass Fishing Equipment by Fishermen’s Source

The most important thing to remember is: start small and then get bigger. Be patient and gain experience in the fight first, those five-pound fish will come with time.

Ready to feel the thrill of reeling in your first bass? Contact the Fishermen’s Source experts at 800-388-4149 to find out more!

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