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Finding the Right Combination for a Balanced Rod and Reel


Balanced Rod and Reel

Anyone who has wandered into a tackle shop knows that there are so many choices available in the marketplace of fishing equipment. From rods and reels to lures,lines&nbspand&nbspleaders,it can leave you in a state of paralysis trying to figure out what you need to get. Investing in a piece of fishing equipment can be just as personal of a decision as what music to listen to or what clothes to wear. But, it’s not quite that easy. In order to choose what is appropriate for your fishing needs, you need to do your research first. And it all starts with finding a balanced rod and reel.


The Importance of a Balanced Rod and Reel

A balanced rod&nbspand&nbspreel&nbspcombination is fairly easy to check for and extremely important to the success of your fishing trip. Let’s take a look at why balance matters.

To efficiently cast a line, your rod and reel must match each other. For example, you would not take a one-pound surfcasting reel and put it on a four-and-a-half-foot ultralight rod, because you would never be able to cast successfully with that kind of a combination. Why? Every time you go to take a cast, the large reel would be constantly fouling as it attempts to load more line than your small rod is capable of handling. Alternatively, it would be just as inappropriate to put an ultra-light reel on an eight-foot boat rod. That kind of a reel would be unable to effectively load the larger, stiff-action rod.

When researching your rods and reels, be mindful that while the above examples may be a bit exaggerated, the same principals apply. Don’t purchase a reel and rod that are not meant to compliment or balance- each other.

How to Test for a Balanced Rod and Reel

Wondering if your rod and reel are balanced? Try this. Grab the rod and reel as you normally would when casting or fishing, then let go with everything but your middle finger, this will be your balance point. If the rod and reel are balanced, you’ll notice the rod tip will balance parallel to the floor. If the reel is too light, the tip will tilt down and the line can become fouled on the reel as your rod tip works to pull off line faster than the reel can release it.

If it’s too heavy, the tip will rise and the line will end up bunching up in the guides as the oversized reel tries to load the rod with more line than your rod is able to handle. Not only that, but you’ll also find that a poorly balanced rod and reel combination will just feel wrong in your hands, as well as being fatiguing to fish with.

Investing in a New Fishing Rod and Reel Combination

If your current rod does not balance with your reel, consider investing in a new one. Read through our rod and reel buyer’s guide for more great tips and call our fishing equipment experts&nbspat 800-388-4149 with any questions you have along the way.

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