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Spro Power Swivel


Spro Power Swivels prove that good things really do come in small packages.Whether you are looking to reduce line twist or provide a strong connection between your main line and leader or both, the power swivel is the right tool for the job.Power Swivels are constructed of stainless steel in Japan and have a black nickel finish to reduce shine in the water. If you are an angler that likes to minimize the appearance of terminal tackle on your rig the Spro Power Swivel deserves a serious look!


Trout and smallmouth bass anglers love the almost microscopic size 10 swivel that still has a 35 lb test rating for fishing inline spinners and drop-shoting.Yellowfin anglers fishing California,the Gulf, and the Northeast canyons with live bait or chunks love the strength of the stealthy designed size 2 swivel rated at 230 lbs. Not an ultralight or big game fishermen? No worries as the Spro Power Swivel is available in a variety of sizes and pound test ratings to handle anything in-between.Available in a handy 50-piece bulk packs,the Spro Power Swivel should be a staple in every tackle box! Upgrade your tackle today and see for yourself!

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