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Owner STX 58 Stinger Treble with ZO WIRE


The new Owner STX Stinger Treble is one of the strongest and sharpest treble hooks on the market today. Constructed of new ZO wire, the STX treble is 20% stronger yet thinner than traditional Owner 3X treble hooks.This gives the STX an advantage over other treble hooks since its small diameter allows for better hook penetration. Another key feature is the extremely sharp, slightly angled in, almost unbendable needle point resulting in clean hook sets bite after bite.


The STX is the perfect hook for replacing weak, dull, or rusted hooks on plugs as well as being a fantastic stinger hook. Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of heavy salt water use, the tinned finish will increase the life and reliability of the STX treble over that of comparable models.

No good fish story ends with a bent-out hook, upgrade your hooks today and have confidence when your next trophy comes along!

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