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FS Fishing Pros in Costa Rica By Rob Radlof


When packing for a destination fishing trip there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration such as weight and rod lengths for flights.With a 50lb maximum on luggage it is a difficult decision on what to leave behind, however, there is one lure that will always make the cut. Yozuri has a lineup of plugs that fit the bill to target almost any fish that swims; whether it’s striped bass and bluefish in the north east or mackerel, roosters and cubera snappers in Central America.

The Yozuri crystal minnow is my go-to search lure when heading out to explore new waters.This versatile minnow bait can be trolled at slow and high speeds, casted into busting fish or throw into structure enticing fish to feed. While on a recent trip to Costa Rica the inshore fishing was proving to be very difficult. The swell was overhead and pounding the rocky points, making it very dangerous to navigate our panga into prime real estate for casting top water baits. With this inconvenience eliminating most of our game plan we had to switch to plan B, trolling Yozuri&nbspcrystal minnows&nbsparound the outside of points and down the beaches.With no electronics to break down the area quickly we were on our own to figure out where the drop offs and pinnacles were located.Armed with the deep diving crystal minnow on one rod and a standard crystal minnow&nbspon the other we worked the area and were quickly rewarded with a mackerel on the deep diving minnow.

By using the crystal minnow to search for fish, once hooked up we were able to cast plugs and jigs over promising bottom.This proved to be our best tag-team technique and saved our trip.As far as colors the silver black along with blue back sardine were the top producers.Schools of sardines were spotted pushing along the beaches making it an easy choice of color selection.Matching the hatch is the name of the game.The tight wiggle of the crystal minnow throws out vibrations similar to a fleeing sardine drawing strikes from a great distance.Next time you’re leaving the country in search of bending some rods make sure to pack a few Yozuri crystal minnows and poppers&nbspthey could just save your trip.

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