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Prep Your Fishing Supplies for Spring Season


Fishing Supplies for Spring

Warm weather is right around the corner, which means it’s time to prepare your fishing supplies for spring season! As every angler anxiously awaits the chance to hit the water on opening day, there are a few chores that need to be done first. From cleaning and repairing damaged equipment to organizing fishing tackle and replacing missing parts, prepping ahead of time will set you up for success and prevent downtime later in the season.

Spring Clean Your Gear: Preparing Fishing Supplies for Spring

With the spring fishing season just a cast away, now’s the time to prepare your supplies so you’re ready to go come opening day.

Cleaning Fishing Supplies for Spring

    1. Get the gunk off. Wash rods and reels with gentle dish detergent and warm water.
    2. Once the surfaces are clean, lubricate gears to ensure drag is functioning smoothly. *Review your product literature for specific maintenance directions.
    3. Clean fishing rod handles, guides, and tip tops inspect for damage.
    4. Remove all supplies and clean tackle boxes and trays with a damp cloth. Make sure everything is dry before returning tackle.
    5. Clean and lubricate pliers, tools and scissors. Now is a great time to replace worn or dull line cutters on pliers.
    6. Inspect and clean apparel, rain gear, flotation devices and sunglasses.

    Repairing and Replacing Fishing Supplies for Spring

    1. Inspect baits and remove leftover knot tags.
    2. Replace any components that are damaged or show rust. This is also a great time to upgrade lures and plugs to stronger and sharper hooks and split rings.
    3. Sharpen dull hook points.
    4. If rods and reels need to be repaired, send your products in to be serviced by trained technicians well in advance to beat the pre-season rush.
    5. If your fishing linelooks old, it probably is. If you cannot remember when you spooled that reel, it is time for new line. At the start of each season, remove old monofilament line and fill spools with fresh line. Braided line and fluorocarbon can be used longer, depending on number of uses and quality
    6. Restock personal supplies such as sunscreen, insect repellant and fish attractant.


    Organizing Fishing Supplies for Spring

    1. Organize your specialized lure boxes for your favorite species to address color, size and working depth (or whatever organization system you prefer to use).
    2. Label trays to identify contents to make it easier to find tackle and return it to the correct spot when you’re on the water.
    3. Inventory items and sort through terminal tackle so you can stock-up on any missing supplies before the season begins.
    4. Prepare the boat by scheduling maintenance and serving in advance. Also, inspect the trailer and tires.
    5. Remember to renew boat registration, necessary fishing licenses and brush up on regulations so you’re best prepared.

    Find Fishing Supplies for Spring at Fishermen’s Source

    Once you’ve cleaned, repaired and organized your gear, find everything you need to replace supplies at Fishermen’s Source. Contact the Fishermen’s Source experts at 800-388-4149 today to find out more about preparing your fishing supplies for Spring. We’re here to help you feel confident that your lures, reels, rods, line, terminal tackle will not only be ready for opening day but also all season long!

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