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How To: Fishing Flutter Spoons For Striped Bass

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source talks about fishing Flutter Spoons for Striped Bass. Flutter Spoons have become increasingly popular when targeting Striped Bass. Fished from a boat, big sweeps of the rod will allow the bait to flutter up and slowly flutter back down. When adult Bunker are present and the fish are deep, the Flutter Spoon truly stands out amongst other baits. Whether it's Fall or Spring, the Flutter Spoon will help get more fish in the boat! 

Tackle Tips: Plug Bag Maintenance

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source gives tips on surf/plug bag maintenance. As we all know, salt water takes a toll on all fishing gear. Bags like the ones from Gear-Up Surfcasting are created with this in mind, constructed of materials that stand up to constant exposure to salt water. Yet, even with bags like this, it is important to rinse off your gear and limit the amount of salt that sits on them after and in between fishing trips. As for plugs, it doesn't take long for hooks and other hardware to rust. It is important to rinse lures as often as possible. If your lures are beginning to rust, be sure to switch out any rusty hardware right away. Leaving rusty lures with others will allow the rust to spread, so removing them from the others is important. We all want our lures to last as long as possible and taking care of gear between trips is key! 

Tackle Tips: Fishing The Late Season Sand Eel Bite 

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source walks through his favorite lures to use when Striped Bass are feeding on Sandeels. When it comes to late season Striped Bass in the Northeast, Sand Eels are often on the menu. This time of year, using lures that have a slender profiles is the key to catching fish. The Tsunami Holographic Sandeel is a shop favorite, Nick shows a variety of his go to Sandeel baits.

Surf Bag Review: Gear-Up Surfcasting 4 Tube 

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source reviews the Gear-Up Surfcasting 4 Tube Surf Bag. If you're familiar with Gear-Up Surfcasting products, you know that they are built to last! All Gear-Up bags are constructed with 2 layers of Dacron Sailcloth and military grade industrial velcro for maximum durability. Featured here is the 4 Tube, with 8.5"H x 3"W tube inserts. In this video, Nick talks about his favorite aspects of the bag and shows just how many lures the bag can hold. 

How To: Fishing a Circle Hook for Striped Bass

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source demonstrates how to land more fish using a circle hook for Striped Bass. With circle hook regulations in place for Striped Bass, many anglers are still adjusting to this new style of fishing. If fished correctly, circle hooks will result in better hook sets and more fish landed. Most importantly, fishing circle hooks results in more fish safely released. In this video, Nick shows how simple adjustments to your fishing can drastically improve your success with circle hooks. 

Tackle Review: Keitech Swing Impact FAT Swimbait

Ryan from RJM Fishtales reviews the Swing Impact FAT Swimbait by Keitech. The Keitech Swing Impact FAT Swimbait features some of the most realistic swimming action on the market. Comprised of two different types of plastic to ensure balance in the water, this swimbait perfectly mimics small bait fish. In this video, Ryan is fishing the 3.3" size paired with a Keitech Tungsten Super Round Jig Head, but this bait can also be used as a trailer on your favorite spinnerbait or swim jig.

Available in 2.8", 3.3", 3.8", 4.3", and 4.8", as well as in various colors, the Keitech Swing Impact FAT Swimbait is an excellent choice when matching small baitfish. 

Tackle Review: Strike King Thunder Cricket

Ryan R. from RJM Fishtales reviews the Thunder Cricket by Strike King. Chatterbaits have become an increasingly popular bait when targeting large mouth bass. The blades on these baits make a unique vibrating, thumping sound that bass can't resist. Fished fast, slow, in the top of the water column or down deep, the Strike King Thunder Cricket is a versatile lure that produces fish. With a built in trailer keeper for your favorite soft plastic, the Thunder Cricket is a great chatterbait to add to the arsenal when out on the water! In this video, Ryan is fishing the Thunder Cricket paired with a ZMan TRD DeiZel Minnow. 

Tackle Review- Strike King KVD Splash Popper

Ryan from RJM Fishtales reviews the KVD Splash Popper from Strike King. The KVD Splash Popper was designed by Kevin VanDam to catch big bass on topwater. With a feather enhanced rear treble hook, a realistic appearance, and premium hardware, the KVD Splash Popper is an great topwater option. Ryan walks us through his top tips for using this bait out on the water.  

How To: Connecting Braid to Mono When Popping for Tuna

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source shares his favorite braid to mono connection when popping for tuna. There are various knots used to connect braid to mono. Yet when throwing poppers for Tuna, a strong knot that can handle this type of fishing is essential for landing fish. Nick's go to knot is the Cat's Paw, a simple knot that when done correctly provides a seamless connection. In this video, Nick is preparing for a Yellowfin Tuna trip and is using an 80lb Mamoi wind-on leader. If you're looking for an easy, reliable knot for your next Tuna trip, the Cat's Paw is a great option! 

Tackle Review: Nomad Design Squarebill & Lipless Crankbaits 

Ryan R. from RJM Fishtales reviews the Atlas squarebill crankbait and the Swimtrex lipless crankbait from Nomad Design. With the fall the transition in full swing, crankbaits are great options when targeting Largemouth Bass. In this video, Ryan is fishing the Swimtrex 72 and the Atlas 50. These baits are available in various sizes and color variations to match whatever the bass may be feeding on. 

Tackle Tips: Fishing for Albies 

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source talks about his favorite lures to target Albies. Albies, also known as False Albacore, are an extremely finicky fish that move quickly chasing bait. In the Northeast, late summer through early fall is the best to time of year to target them. Notoriously hard to catch, fishing for Albies can be difficult even when they are right in front of you. When picking baits, the smaller the better. Using 1/2-7/8 oz jigs is ideal, and if there is not wind to combat, aim to use the smallest jig possible. When it comes to rods and reels, a 4,000 size reel spooled with 15lb braid and a 7'-7'6 medium heavy rod will get the job done. Although frustrating, targeting Albies is extremely rewarding, and when you do hook one they fight hard! 

Tackle Tips: Fishing The Mullet Run

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source gives tips for fishing the Mullet run in the Northeast. Mid September through early October, resident Striped Bass begin to feed before the migrating fish move in. With lots of different bait in the surf this time of year, one in particular that is abundant is Mullet. Top water lures such as poppers and spooks are great options, as well as paddle tails and minnow plugs. With fish in the water and fairly warm weather, early fall is a great time to target striped bass in the surf! 

Tackle Review: Shimano SLX DC

The Shimano SLX DC is a durable, budget friendly baitcasting reel in the Shimano DC lineup. Available in three different gear ratios, 6.3, 7.2 ,and 8.2, the SLX DC is a great option if you are looking for an affordable reel featuring Shimano's Digital Control braking technology. 

Tackle Tips: Fishing The Savage Gear 3D Wake Snake

Ryan from RJM Fishtales walks us through fishing the Savage Gear 3D Wake Snake. The Savage Gear 3D Wake Snake is an extremely realistic bait that was developed from a 3D scan of a real snake. With two tie on points, this bait offers an unmatched s-curve swimming action that entices big fish. From Largemouth Bass to Pike, the 3D Wake Snake is a great top water option. 

Tackle Tips: Fishing The River2Sea Whopper Plopper

Ryan from RJM Fish Tales walks us through fishing the Whopper Plopper by River2Sea. If your a freshwater fisherman, chances are you've come across this lure. The Whopper Plopper is an excellent top water bait that creates a unique plopping sound on the surface that bass and other predatory freshwater species can't resist! In this video, Ryan is the throwing the 2 3/8" and 3 1/2" model in the Bluegill color. 

Tackle Tips: Affordable Setups for Fluking the Surf

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source shows us his favorite light tackle setup for fluking the surf. When fluking the surf, a light weight, sensitive rod is key. The Tsunami Carbon Shield paired with a Shimano Ultegra is budget friendly combo that perfectly suites this style of fishing. Nick fishes the 7'6 Medium Carbon Shield rated up to 3/4 oz and a Shimano Ultegra 4000. This setup allows you to throw the lightest jigs possible and optimize your presentation. 

Tackle Tips: Fishing Side Trackers for Tuna

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source talks all about fishing side trackers for tuna. Side trackers are some of the most popular baits used when trolling for Tuna. We get a lot of questions on how to use these lures, this video demonstrates how to adjust them to ensure they troll properly. Side trackers catch fish. If your out on the water trolling for tuna, be sure to have one on board!  

How To: Fishing Sand Fleas for Striped Bass

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source shows us how to fish Sand Fleas in the surf for Striped Bass. A highly productive fishing method during the summer months, fishing with Sand Fleas can produce some solid fish when other things won't. Fished on light tackle, Sand Fleas are a fun way to stay busy fishing the beach for bass. Nick walks us through the tackle he uses as well as what to look for when fishing this method.  

Tackle Review: Shimano Ultegra 4000

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source talks about the Shimano Ultegra 4000, his go to reel for light tackle fishing. Redesigned in 2021, the Shimano Ultegra is a great reel for a great price. Whether you're fishing for Fluke, Redfish, Stripers, or any other species using light tackle, the Ultegra is a durable, light weight option that you can rely on. 

Tackle Tips: Fishing for Deep Water Fluke

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source talks about his go to tackle for targeting deep water ocean Fluke. Nick walks us through 3 rigs that have become standard among fluke fishermen. 

Tackle Tips: Jigging for Tuna

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source talks all about vertical jigging for Tuna. Nick walks us through some of his favorites tuna jigs, as well shows the terminal tackle needed to rig these lures to handle big fish! Fishermen's Source offers a wide variety of Tuna jigs from your favorite brands, with all of sizes and colors to match whatever the fish are biting. 

Tackle Tips: Jigging for Sea Bass

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source discusses tackle tips for Sea Bass jigging. Jigging for Sea Bass has become increasingly popular in recent years. Nick's go to rig is a jig and teaser, using 15 pound braid and a 20 pound fluoro carbon leader with a dropper loop. Great to eat and fun to catch, Sea Bass are rewarding fish to target!

Tackle Review: Savage Gear 3D Wake Snake

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source talks about the Savage Gear 3D Wake Snake. Largemouth Bass as well as many other predatory freshwater species love to eat snakes. The Savage Gear 3D Wake Snake is based on a 3D scan of a real snake, creating a realistic bait that perfectly mimics a small snake swimming through the water. Swimming with a wide S action either on the surface or just below, two points to tie on to the lure offers options in swimming style. 

How To: Simple Chunk Rig 

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source shows us how to create a simple yet versatile rig for fishing chunked bait. Whether you're fishing the surf or by boat, fishing chunks is a productive fishing technique for a wide variety of species. From the tackle needed to knot tying tips, Nick shares all you need to know to catch fish on chunked baits!

Tackle Review- NEW Nomad Shikari Minnow Plug

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source discusses the all new Nomad Design Shikari Minnow Plug. New this year, the Shikari Minnow is unique in that it swims deeper than other minnow plugs on the market. Swimming at a 4-6 foot depth, the subtle wobble this lure produces is ideal for enticing finicky fish. Pre-rigged with BKK Viper hooks and available in various color options, the Shikari Minnow is an excellent addition to any tackle bag!     

3 FOOLPROOF Ways to Rig a Madd Mantis Popper for Tuna

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source demonstrates the proper way to rig the Madd Mantis large and extra large popper. When popping for large game fish, such as tuna, quality hardware significantly increases the chances of landing a fish. 

Early Season Light Tackle Fluke Setup

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source likes to go lighter for the early season shallow water fluke bite. Using small presentations, like Berkley GULP! mullets, grubs and shrimps, imitates the small crustaceans that fluke are keyed in on.

Madd Mantis Quake: Quick Rigging Option for Striped Bass

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source rigs the Madd Mantis Quake fast and efficiently. Although this lure is commonly used for tuna, this alternative method proves successful for spring striped bass.

How To: Upgrade Hooks & Split Rings on a Daiwa SP Minnow for Stripers

Nick C. upgrades the hardware on the essential Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow. This popular striper plug is a must-have for your bag or tackle box and we get a lot of questions at the shop on which tackle to use when changing out/upgrading.   

Jigging World Black Demon vs. NJ Stripers

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source showcases a new use of a known "blackfish" jigging rod  In this video he shares why the Jigging World Black Demon 7'5" Medium rod is also great for throwing large heavy baits(plugs and big soft plastics) from a boat for spring striped bass. He has paired his Black Demon with the Daiwa Lexa 400 baitcaster. It's uses vary from heavy plugging to jigging and most everything in between for bigger fish.

What's in the Surf Bag? + ODM SURFWAVE Spotlight

Nick C. invites you to explore how he sets up his 3 tube ODM SURFWAVE surf bag and points out its features that affirm why it is his surf bag of choice.  Inside, you'll see it can fit a lot of plugs and tackle- allowing you to be ready to throw what they want to eat.

How To: Tune a Metal Lip

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source walks you through how to tune a metal lip swimmer to swim at your desired depth.

How to: Rig A Band of Anglers Hyperlastics

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source walks through how to rig A Band of Anglers Hyperlastics soft plastic lures. Highlighting some favorite early spring offerings and techniques to increase the life of your baits.

How to: Rig Large Soft Plastics for Striped Bass

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source demonstrates how to rig large plastic lures for striped bass in early spring. He focuses on two types of rigs: Jig heads & weighted hooks.  His tips will help your success rate in various conditions/scenarios plus- extend the life of your baits. 

Fishermen's Source Warehouse Tour 2016

Last week we took the time to do a quick warehouse tour to show some of our unique items. If you have any questions please contact us directly

Contact us: info@FishermensSource.com

Fishermen's Source 2016 About Us

Fishermen's Source was founded in 2006 in the basement of founder Stephen Leone's home on the Jersey Shore. Gradually, over the last decade, we grew into a warehouse space in Ocean, New Jersey.  

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