Madd Mantis Quake: Quick Rigging Option for Striped Bass

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source rigs the Madd Mantis Quake fast and efficiently. Although this lure is commonly used for tuna, this alternative method proves successful for spring striped bass.

How To: Upgrade Hooks & Split Rings on a Daiwa SP Minnow for Stripers

Nick C. upgrades the hardware on the essential Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow. This popular striper plug is a must-have for your bag or tackle box and we get a lot of questions at the shop on which tackle to use when changing out/upgrading.   

Jigging World Black Demon vs. NJ Stripers

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source showcases a new use of a known "blackfish" jigging rod  In this video he shares why the Jigging World Black Demon 7'5" Medium rod is also great for throwing large heavy baits(plugs and big soft plastics) from a boat for spring striped bass. He has paired his Black Demon with the Daiwa Lexa 400 baitcaster. It's uses vary from heavy plugging to jigging and most everything in between for bigger fish.

What's in the Surf Bag? + ODM SURFWAVE Spotlight

Nick C. invites you to explore how he sets up his 3 tube ODM SURFWAVE surf bag and points out its features that affirm why it is his surf bag of choice.  Inside, you'll see it can fit a lot of plugs and tackle- allowing you to be ready to throw what they want to eat.

How To: Tune a Metal Lip

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source walks you through how to tune a metal lip swimmer to swim at your desired depth.

How to: Rig A Band of Anglers Hyperlastics

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source walks through how to rig A Band of Anglers Hyperlastics soft plastic lures. Highlighting some favorite early spring offerings and techniques to increase the life of your baits.

How to: Rig Large Soft Plastics for Striped Bass

Nick C. at Fishermen's Source demonstrates how to rig large plastic lures for striped bass in early spring. He focuses on two types of rigs: Jig heads & weighted hooks.  His tips will help your success rate in various conditions/scenarios plus- extend the life of your baits. 

Fishermen's Source Warehouse Tour 2016

Last week we took the time to do a quick warehouse tour to show some of our unique items. If you have any questions please contact us directly

Contact us:

Fishermen's Source 2016 About Us

Fishermen's Source was founded in 2006 in the basement of founder Stephen Leone's home on the Jersey Shore. Gradually, over the last decade, we grew into a warehouse space in Ocean, New Jersey.  

Saltist Back Bay 4000 Review

More than just sharing a name, the Daiwa® Saltist® Back Bay LT Spinning Reel brings the power and performance of Daiwa's famous saltwater reels to the light-tackle inshore enthusiast.

The Worlds Smallest Micro Texas Rig

The worlds smallest Texas Rig, it can even be used with live bait!

Lure Autopsy: New vs Old Yo-zuri Crystal minnow magnum

Our friends at Tackle Advisors have created a helpful video about one of the most productive lures ever made... Now we get to see what makes it tick.

Saltist Back Bay LT 3000 Breakdown

ll Bull1@#$ aside. This is one of the smoothest reels I've ever had the pleasure to spin....Shockingly it equals the refinement of ever other reel on the table. Everything about it is rock solid and buttery smooth.

Daiwa BG Full Maintenance and Service Tutorial

How to protect your BG from saltwater and sand.

You Are Only as Stong as Your Weakest Knot

Our friends at Tackle Advisors have created a helpful video on how to improve the Alberto Knot, which is one of the fastest and strongest braid to fluorocarbon or mono splices. This tutorial takes a spectacular knot and makes it even stronger.

Tactical Angler Power Clip: Fastest Simplest and most secure way to attach your line to your lure!

Tactical Angler Power Clip: This is the most convenient and secure way to attach your line to lure Strength test results of popular clip styles ranging from Tactical Angler, Breakaway, Backlash and duo lock styles.

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