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Tackle Tips: Plug Bag Maintenance

Nick C. from Fishermen's Source gives tips on surf/plug bag maintenance. As we all know, salt water takes a toll on all fishing gear. Bags like the ones from Gear-Up Surfcasting are created with this in mind, constructed of materials that stand up to constant exposure to salt water. Yet, even with bags like this, it is important to rinse off your gear and limit the amount of salt that sits on them after and in between fishing trips. As for plugs, it doesn't take long for hooks and other hardware to rust. It is important to rinse lures as often as possible. If your lures are beginning to rust, be sure to switch out any rusty hardware right away. Leaving rusty lures with others will allow the rust to spread, so removing them from the others is important. We all want our lures to last as long as possible and taking care of gear between trips is key!

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