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Traveling with Fishing Gear


Traveling with Fishing Gear? Important Reminders for Traveling Fishermen

Traveling with Fishing Gear

When planning a fishing trip, you really only have two options. Either book a fishing charter that provides used equipment for you or bring your own trusted gear that you can rely on. If this is your first time traveling with fishing gear, packing can be a bit tricky. If you’re already a seasoned traveling angler, you never know, you could always learn a new trick to make things easier on your next vacation.

Top Tips When Traveling with Fishing Gear

So, you’ve picked out the best lures and tackle for your trip. Your rod and reel are customized to suit your every need…now you just need to toss it all in the bag and go hit the water, right?

Before you head to the airport, make sure you have packed all your fishing gear accordingly.


When it comes to TSA and airline policies, everyone has their own set of rules. What you’re allowed to take on the plane is ultimately going to be at the discretion of the gate attendants.

For carry-on gear, it’s best not to pack any lures that you couldn’t stand to lose, just in case the TSA confiscates them. Seven inches or less is the TSA regulation for tool size allowed in a carry on. Use common sense when packing: this does not include your knife, pliers or anything they may construe to be a “weapon.” Although you are usually offered the option to mail things back to your home, you still won’t be able to use them on your trip, so plan carefully ahead of time.

Most carry-on luggage has a max length of 24 inches and be aware that a tackle box is considered a bag. So, if you’re planning to carry on other luggage, be prepared to check it at the gate to be packed below and possibly pay an excess baggage fee.

Checked Baggage

The best way to pack fishing rods whenever you travel by car or plane is to disassemble them and pack them safely in a hard-shell case that supports a padlock. Since airlines often require that fishing rods be packed in hard cases anyway, it’s wise to protect your investment with the proper rod storage case.

Many airlines don’t have an issue with taking a fishing rod as checked baggage. Depending on the airline, the max length can be between 80-102 inches; some airlines waive the oversize baggage fees for fishing gear, but not always.

Check out this handy chart that allows you to search your airline’s policy for traveling with fishing gear. And contact them ahead of time to find out their specific regulations. Note that rules and regulations also differ for domestic vs international travel.

Traveling with Fishing Gear, Simplified

You’ve done your research, the airline ticket is booked, now it’s time to start counting down the days until that long-awaited fishing adventure.

And start thinking about packing.

At Fishermen’s Source, we offer lures for specific regions and easy-to-transport travel rods that break down into three pieces. Take a look at the Tsunami Classic and Tsunami Travel Surf rods online to learn more.

We take pride in our tackle the way you take pride in your passion, make sure you pack your gear properly. Call us at 800-388-4149 to find out more about traveling with fishing gear and shop your fresh and saltwater fishing tackle today.

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