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Saltwater Lures


Fish the Winners: 5 Saltwater Lures That Will Fool Just About Any Fish (Even in Fresh Water)

Saltwater lures

We know you have your favorite lures, but some saltwater lures have been known to catch fish pretty much anywhere in the world, including in fresh water. Who knows, you probably have some of these in your tackle box already. If not, swap out the old and add these five super baits to the mix and you’re guaranteed to fool fish in any water.

5 Saltwater Lures That Can Be Used for Fresh Water Fishing

If you enjoy both saltwater and freshwater fishing, make sure to keep these versatile lures on hand.

  1. Gold Spoon

Dating back to the mid-1800s, the gold spoon is one of the simplest and oldest lure designs out there. They can be used to catch saltwater fish species such as redfish and mackerel, but since they’re so easy to use, they transition easily for fishing in freshwater lakes or rivers for large- or smallmouth bass and northern pike.

Gold spoons have been known to work well in Florida freshwater lakes where you may find a golden shiner population.

  1. Spook

The Spook is designed to twitch across the water. This side-to-side technique, known as “walk the dog,” and vibrating external system has been proven irresistible to gamefish that eat bait on the surface such as large- or smallmouth bass and tarpon.

Fishermen’s Source spook lure, the Tactical Anglers CrossOver Stalker Lure, features a strong steel thru-wired and a thick plastic body mold.

  1. Curly Tail Grub

Compared to a regular plastic bait, the all-natural and biodegradable “Gulp Curly Tail Grub” has 400 times more scent dispersion that attracts more hard-fighting fish! With a baitfish profile, its simple design is effective for fish in a wide variety of water conditions, tough enough to handle toothy critters and can be used to enhance other lures. Try adding it to spinnerbaits or chatterbaits and watch it come to life.

  1. Artificial Shrimp

Resembling a real crawfish, the soft, plastic artificial shrimp is a slow sinking jerkbait that is irresistible to a wide range of game fish in different circumstances. As with most saltwater lures, shrimp lures come in a variety of designs, sizes, weights, colors and even scents.

  1. Bucktail Jig

It’s tough to beat a good, ol’ fashioned bucktail jig. Because of the simple design, a bucktail jig can easily mimic a freshwater baitfish just as it can a saltwater shrimp offering anglers a wide range of versatility to fish in both shallow and deep waters.

Shop Saltwater Lures from Fishermen’s Source

At Fishermen’s Source, we all take pride in our tackle the way you take pride in your passion and bring you only the best of the best. If you’re still looking for more lure action, check our buyers guide to get the inside scoop on reels, jigging, line capacity, saltwater lures and more!

Call us at 800-388-4149 to find out more about versatility in your lures and shop your fresh and saltwater fishing tackle today.

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