Tackle HD MegaMite 8"  8pk Green Pumpkin

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Tackle HD MegaMite 8" 8pk Green Pumpkin

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Tackle HD MegaMite 8" 8pk Green Pumpkin

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    Tackle HD MegaMite 8-inch 8pk Green Pumpkin

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    Designed from the 3D scan of its live counterpart, the hellgrammite fishing lures offer a convincing underwater presentation without sacrificing high-definition detail. The 8-inch body of the soft plastic fishing lures paired with lifelike movement appears as an irresistible, large meal for hungry and monstrous bass. Each hellgrammite bait are made with a durable body mixed with high-quality pigment to provide longevity against elements, lasting through years of use without losing its color and effectiveness.

  • This fishing lure kit contains 8 hellgrammite baits that will be a staple in your tackle box with their realistic construction.
  • To maximize performance, you can pair the fishing lures with the 3/8 oz MF Shakey Head or run them on a wobble head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, or Neko rig.