JYG Pro Fishing Twin Assist Hooks- 3/0

JYG Pro Fishing

JYG Pro Fishing Twin Assist Hooks- 3/0

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JYG Pro Fishing Twin Assist Hooks- 3/0

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    The JYG Pro Fishing Twin Assist Hooks are designed to enhance your fishing experience, especially in deep water. These hooks are equipped with a built-in glow steel assist cord that offers extra strength against friction, ensuring durability and reliability even under the toughest fishing conditions. Whether you're targeting large predators or engaging in slow pitch jigging, these hooks provide the strength and resilience needed to secure your catch.

    The Twin Assist Hooks feature a Pike Style design, which is ideal for a variety of fishing techniques. The glow steel assist cord not only enhances the hook's strength but also provides additional visibility in low light conditions, making it more attractive to fish.

    Perfect for Japanese style Slow Pitch Jigging, these hooks are specifically designed to withstand the unique demands of this fishing technique. The combination of the Pike Style hook and the glow steel assist cord ensures that the hooks maintain their sharpness and strength, providing secure hook sets and reducing the risk of losing fish during the fight.

    Trust in the quality and innovation of JYG Pro Fishing to elevate your angling adventures. The Twin Assist Hooks with Feather are a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier fishing equipment that meets the highest standards of performance and durability. Add these hooks to your tackle box and be prepared for your next big fishing adventure. With the JYG Pro Fishing Twin Assist Hooks, you have the ultimate tool for slow pitch jigging and targeting deep water predators.


    • Heavy-Duty Pike Style Hooks
    • Built-In Glow Steel Assist Cord
    • Designed for Slow Pitch Jigging
    • Enhanced Durability and Resilience