Hyperlastics Dartprop Pro Duopack 5" Firetiger - Chart


Hyperlastics Dartprop Pro Duopack 5" Firetiger - Chart

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Hyperlastics Dartprop Pro Duopack 5" Firetiger - Chart

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    Hyperlastics Dartprop Pro Duopack 5" Firetiger - Chart

    Firetiger - Chart


    A collection of Patrick Sebile designs, the Hyperlastics™ brand features extremely versatile and superior designs. These plastic baits imitate various predator-desired baits and feature molded in cavities for easy rigging options. These lures are designed to last longer than any other soft plastic you've ever seen!

  • The Dartprop is the most advanced engineered soft plastic Prop bait.
  • Made from ultra-durable SofTough material, it features a tapered tail design and a dual prop system, which creates a constant flashing action on the front and natural swimming and thumping motion on the tail that fish simply can’t resist.
  • Pre-rigged on a weedless EWG hook that allows anglers to fish it in all depths of the water column from shallow weed beds down to deep water ledges for superior versatility
  • On the belly, the Hyperlastics By A Band of Anglers Dartprop Pro is equipped with a small weight transfer system that slides downward during the cast for increased distance and accuracy then slides into the middle of the hook shank to provide a keel for perfectly balanced swimming action
  • *Do not store or mix SofTough-made lures with other soft plastics as deformation will occur. Do not store in direct sunlight.