BKK Hooks O'Shaughnessy-R


BKK Hooks O'Shaughnessy-R

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BKK Hooks O'Shaughnessy-R

Size 2

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    Forged with a classic time-tested design, the highly versatile BKK O'Shaughnessy-R Hooks will serve you well for many different bait fishing applications. These hooks feature a rugged standard wire construction and a two-stage needle sharp hook point that has proven to effectively hook and hold fish with maximum efficiency. The Bright Tin coating of the hook offers great corrosion resistance and keeps the hook sharp strike after strike.

    The BKK O'Shaughnessy-R Hooks are built to endure the toughest fishing conditions, making them an excellent choice for both freshwater and saltwater anglers. The standard wire construction provides the perfect balance between strength and flexibility, ensuring that the hook can withstand powerful fish while maintaining its shape and integrity. This durability makes the O'Shaughnessy-R Hooks a reliable tool in your tackle box.

    One of the standout features of these hooks is their two-stage needle sharp hook point. This design allows for quick and efficient penetration, ensuring that fish are securely hooked with minimal effort. The sharpness of the hook point is maintained through the Bright Tin coating, which not only protects against corrosion but also ensures the hook remains effective even after multiple uses.

    Whether you're targeting small freshwater species or larger saltwater fish, the BKK O'Shaughnessy-R Hooks offer versatility and reliability. Their classic design, combined with modern enhancements, provides anglers with a hook that is both effective and durable. Trust in the quality and performance of BKK to enhance your fishing experience and increase your catch rate.


    • Classic time-tested design for versatile bait fishing applications
    • Rugged standard wire construction for durability and strength
    • Two-stage needle sharp hook point for efficient hooking and holding
    • Bright Tin coating for corrosion resistance and maintained sharpness
    • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing