Berkley Hit Stick Floating Lure, 6", 1oz, Crazy Steel


Berkley Hit Stick Floating Lure, 6", 1oz, Crazy Steel

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Berkley Hit Stick Floating Lure, 6", 1oz, Crazy Steel

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    Berkley Hit Stick Fusion 19 hooks, Float, 6" 1oz, Crazy Steel

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    After 15 years, the code has been broken! Never before has a plastic bait been able to achieve the unique, high-speed rolling balsa action – but the Berkley Hit Stick has done just that. True balsa-like action with the weight, durability, and casting ability of a hard-plastic lure. The Hit Stick delivers ultimate versatility with action that can be used as a finesse jerk bait, trolling bait, or casting bait for all predator fish. Gary Parsons/Keith Kavajecz Pro Tip 3.5: Great from the shore or a boat – cast or troll in the spring when baitfish are small and predator fish are shallow.

  • The largest rolling action of any Berkley hard bait
  • Maximum side flash is activated at even the slowest speeds (down to 1.0mph)
  • Tight, finesse tail action. Integrated FlashDisc improves tracking stability and accuracy and gives the bait true balsa-like action High pitch rattle to attract predator game fish
  • Hit Stick 3.5: Sinks. Hit Stick 5-15 Sizes: Floats
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion19 hooks. Patent Pending - Serial No. 29/723,030 (3.5, 5), Serial No. 29/723,032 (7, 9), Serial No. 29/723,033 (11, 12), and Serial No. 29/723,055 (13, 15)