You Are Only as Stong as Your Weakest Knot


Our friends at Tackle Advisors have created a helpful video on how to improve the Alberto Knot, which is one of the fastest and strongest braid to fluorocarbon or mono splices.  This tutorial takes a spectacular knot and makes it even stronger.



  • Posted on by Frank J Mirenzi

    Great instructions super job

  • Posted on by Robert Mazur
    Great tutorial you make knot tying look very easy and simple to do.
  • Posted on by Alejandro cota

    Great contribution thanks

  • Posted on by Richard. Heydon

    I like the way you tied the knot I am always thinking the stubs on the sides will catch on the guides. Thank you

  • Posted on by Frank J Mirenzi

    Have not tried yet bur will the next time I need to splice a leader on my reel so simple

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