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Terminal Tackle: The Fishing Swivel


Fishing Swivel

The fishing swivel is perhaps one of the most misunderstood saltwater fishing tactics. Designed to prevent your line from twisting in the water, the swivel is a must for many styles of fishing. As an example, catfish are notorious for twisting, which makes fishing swivels on trotlines a smart choice to allow the line to turn freely. Since line twists can weaken the line and can cause knots during casting, a swivel can allow the line to untwist during retrieval and prevent undesirable tangling.

But with so many options, it can be hard to choose. Here are three main swivels to consider adding to your tackle box:

  1. Barrel Fishing Swivel

Made of two separate round, eyelets connected by a barrel fitting, the barrel swivel is designed to provide smooth, consistent rotation. Snap and swivel combinations allow lures or leaders to drag through weeds and grass without the chance of loose or floating debris spooling your presentation. Shop Owner Snagless Snap Hyper Swivel & Barrel Swivel.

  1. 3-Way Fishing Swivel

A popular and versatile choice for many fishing scenarios, the 3-way fishing swivel features heavy duty barrel swivels that is perfect for bottom fish rigs and droppers. The three-way design allows two separate lines to be connected to a mainline which makes it easy to change out lures, leaders and other fishing rigs. Shop Tsunami Stainless 3-WAY Barrel T Swivel.

  1. Ball Bearing Fishing Swivel

Ball bearing fishing swivels are mainly used for lures or trolling bait. They are highly recommended by off-shore anglers because of their internal ball bearings that allow the swivel to turn freely under the most extreme pulling tension. Shop Tsunami Ball Bearing Swivel.

The fishing swivel comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters and are typically a flat black or brass color. Swivels with snaps allow anglers to change out lures, leaders and other fishing rigs.They can be used to attach multiple pieces of tackle to a main line. For example, connecting both a leader and hook and an additional separate line and sinker.

Quality Fishing Swivel Options at Fishermen’s Source

Hooks and weights of all sizes, bobber stops and swivels, beads and wire leader … for any angler, the terminal tackle list can go on and on. But now you can see why using swivels on fishing leaders is a necessary accessory.

Keeping it all organized? That’s another challenge.

But you guessed it, we can help you with that, too! Our Tactical Anglers Assault Pouch is perfect to carry your favorite tackle anywhere you fish. It’s reinforced to withstand saltwater conditions and comes with double compartments and drainage holes.

Call us at 800-388-4149 to find out more about terminal tackle and shop your fresh and saltwater fishing tackle today.

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