Introducing Our New Video Industry Partner…Nick Paritte


I’m a Central New Jersey native who is a dedicated multi species angler. Splitting time chasing wild trout, largemouth bass and pike in the early coldwater period after ice out. Transitioning to hunting striped bass and yellow eyed demons once the run gets under way. From Bluefish to daytime swordfish and everything inbetween. I am knowledgeable in a wide variety tackle, rigging and tactics. During the summer months If I’m not hunting state record size bass or trophy smallmouths. I’m offshore chasing tuna.
Come fall when the Albies rocket through. I’m out on the beaches slinging metals on trout gear enjoying some of the best action to be had in our waters. Once the fall bass run subsides I spend as much time as possible on rivers that shall not be named chasing yard stick long jurassic brown trout. As a season ending reminder of just how challenging this sport can be.

I spend much of my down time creating in depth tackle reviews, tutorials and lure autopsies. Covering rods, reels and tackle used for a variety of applications and species. My goal being to share with others as much of my knowledge and experience as possible in an attempt to help them make their time on the water more efficient and enjoyable. Additionally I am a global moderator and affiliate editor on the world’s largest fishing related website (drop by and say hi anytime. I go by ScoobyDoo over there).

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